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30% non-performing loans 

When lenders ping credit bureaus for thin-filed small businesses and consumers, they get no useful data and end up declining them for credit.

Lenders also find it difficult to perform credit assessments of any thin-filed borrower (borrowers with no history of formal credit). For lenders providing credit to these customers, they often suffer the risk of high default rates where 30% of their loans are non-performing. 

Artificial intelligence infrastructure

Our product is built to make the SME and customer financing process easier, faster and insightful for lenders. This is achieved by using alternative data to score, assess and inform loan origination for financial institutions.

We achieve this by enabling lenders the capability to extend credit to SMEs and consumers using Akiba Digital’s artificial intelligence infrastructure.

To better understand borrowers

Consumers and SMEs in Africa have been transacting frequently using other means that credit bureaus are not taking into account. These include cash, wallets, point-of-sale devices, online payments, mobile transaction (buying mobile data etc) etc.

We believe that to enable these consumers and SMEs to access financing better, we have to consider these alternative datasets and aggregate them at sources for lenders to better understand borrowers’ historic patterns closer to real time in order to make better lending decisions that will reduce their lending risk.

Some of our clients:

RCS Group
Mutualism Small Business Lending
Cashflow Capital
Alliance Group (Allfin)

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