Alternative Credit Scoring

Akiba Digital offers alternative scoring for our borrowers to be matched with our lender partners. The risk scoring tool allows us to determine how eligible they are in qualifying for a loan by observing their business financial habits.  

How do we score SMEs with our alternative scoring: 

The assessment to score SMEs is done using the applicant's banking history from their business bank account and to understand their credit health and affordability. Our unique software scores borrowers for them to access funding without them being screened using their personal finance history, which is the status quo.  

Why alternative scoring: 

We believe that to enable these consumers and SMEs to access financing better, we have to consider these alternative datasets and aggregate them at source for lenders to better understand borrowers’ historic patterns closer to real time in order to make better lending decisions that will reduce their lending risk. 

The value our alternative credit scoring products provide to lenders include:

  • Operational efficiency gains

  • Reduce cost and time from manual risk assessment

  • Reduce customer turnaround with fewer in-person interactions 

  • Lower administrative costs per unit

  • Lower the number of in-person interactions with prospective borrowers 

  • Improved accuracy of credit decisions (targeted lending based on default probability) 

  • Minimise rejection of creditworthy applicants

  • Maximise rejection of high-risk applicants

  • Establishment of an objective and standardised data-driven decision-making culture 

  • Apply base objective and consistent decision making on empirical evidence

  • Standardise criteria for decision making

  • Minimise room for human error or bias  




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