Empowering Lenders With Alternative Credit Scoring

Akiba Digital is a data and technology company that provides financial intelligence solutions from their alternative data infrastructure.

Our aim is to unlock financial opportunities for consumers, businesses and society using alternative data.

A product-led approach is applied to assist small-medium businesses and consumers to access to financing.


Creating impact with alternative data

Our value to customers (lenders, fintechs, banks etc.) is to:

  • Automate credit monitoring.

  • Improve the accuracy of credit decisions using alternative and realtime datasets.

  • Make credit cheaper especially for credit-invisible borrowers such like SMEs and thin-filed consumers.


We're building an embedded finance infrastructure

Some of the risks we calculate:

  • Affordability risk the borrower’s propensity to repay the loan base.

  • Risk score overall credit health score of the borrower banded from 300 - 850. The higher the score the better.

  • Credibility risk the risk of the borrower defaulting on their loan, based on their spending patterns, possible loss of income, no utility payments or frequency of negative balance.


Here’s all the good stuff

Make Lending Decisions Faster

Our automated scoring makes it easier for credit providers to make quicker lending decisions.

Reduce Your Bad Debts

Our robust scoring reduces default risk, especially with thin-credit SMEs and individuals.

Removing Human Errors

Extract bank statement data, analyse, and evaluate creditworthiness, within minutes.

One Tool To Power Your Lending